Payline Announces Flint Mobile

 Payline has teamed with Flint Mobile as a reseller partner to offer businesses a new and secure solution for mobile payments.  We are proud to bring small businesses this new and innovative product that makes taking cards simpler than Square and even easier than Paypal.

The Flint Mobile App is a PCI compliant, reader-less card processing solution that scans the card’s number using a smartphone

Payline Data Flint Mobile Solution

Process credit cards with Payline Data on Flint Mobile

camera.  Data is transmitted using secure, encrypted connections.   Credit card information is not stored, period.  So consumers need not worry about having an image of their card stored on the device.  The Flint Mobile App also offers invoicing, loyalty, custom receipts, and the ability to accept checks.

Start accepting cards today and get paid quickly.  Setup is quick and easy: download the app on your smartphone, sign up for a Flint Account, and begin processing cards in minutes!  There are no upfront costs, and no monthly commitments.  Users get paid within 1-2 business days.

Payline Data is proud to be the most honest and upfront merchant service provider.  We believe in No Hidden Fees and superior customer service, which is why we’ve partnered with a company that shares our values and commitment.  Flint Mobile is simple to use and easy to understand.  There are two flat rates, 2.95% for credit and 1.95% for debit for both swiped and keyed-in.  And, again, No Hidden Fees, unlike our competition!  They, Paypal and Square, cite, “No Hidden Fees,” to go with their one rate and disclose their higher rates for when the card is not present in the fine print.

Together with Flint, we boast about our superior and highly skilled customer service.  Unbeknownst to new business owners, Square has one of the poorest rated customer service teams in the industry.  And we all know about Paypal’s.

At Payline Data, our support staff takes the time to ensure that our customers fully understand the industry and their merchant fees.  They work to ensure our customers have the best pricing ever and that the solution best fits their needs.  In addition to small businesses that process cards, we also recommend Flint Mobile to our customers who may not take cards often, but need a mobile solution without the monthly cost.

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