Payline Data Integrates with Apple Pay to Bring Merchants More Ways to Accept Payments

Payline Data is excited to announce that it has integrated Apple Pay with its merchant services. Starting in October, participating merchants will be able to start accepting Apple Pay from customers with an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple Pay uses Near Field Communication (NFC) in combination with Touch ID to make a payment in stores easier and more secure. It also makes checkout in a merchant’s app more convenient by requiring only Touch ID. It works by passing an encrypted token that represents the credit card, which is stored locally and securely, and uses a dynamic security code to validate the transaction.


For consumers, sensitive information is neither stored, displayed, nor transmitted. Cashiers never see the account number or name; making Apple Pay one step forward to achieving payment security.

Payline Data is eager to get on board with the next wave of payments. We are fully capable of processing Apple Pay transactions in store with our NFC and EMV ready terminals. The developer team is working to integrate Apple Pay with Payline Gateway to provide merchants the ability to have a true Omni Commerce solution when also accepting payments via their mobile app for the October launch. Merchants can rest assured that Apple Pay will work with Payline Data services.

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