How to add Buttons & a Shopping Cart to your website!

Integrating your website and gateway does not have to be a compliacted process.  This brief tutorial will help you get started. 

You should have already recieved an email from ( entitled: [Merchant Creation Notification]  Payline Data LLC Payment Gateway Account Information

Please Click on the blue link next to:  Login URL:   (Pictured Below).        You will be prompted to create your own password.   If you have waited longer than 3 days from recieving that email, you will need to request a new link from us as the link may be expired.



Once Logged in, scroll down to the bottom left and click the integration button (Pictured Below)


Then choose QuickClick Shopping Cart, and select the Button Generator (Pictured Below)

On the next screen read the details for each option and select which is best for your needs: Shopping Cart, Fixed Price, Donation

Each item includes a walkthrough to create the appropriate HTML code that you will paste into your website.