Please see below for instructions for integrating the Payline Gateway with Magento Shopping Cart. If you require further assistance, please dial Gateway Support at 847-352-4850.

Payline Gateway w Magento using the Emulator

Magento integrates to the gateway using the Gateway Emulator. Visit this link for clarification:

Use these parameters:

·     Enabled: Yes

·     Title: Credit Card

·     API Login ID: (enter your gateway username here)

·     Payment Action: (Up to you) -- Choose Authorize Only (requires a later capture action) or Authorize and Capture (will not require an additional capture for funding)

·     Transaction Key: (enter your gateway password here)

·     New Order Status: (Up to you)

·     Test Mode: No (please put your Gateway Account into Test Mode via Settings -- Test Mode -- Enable/Disable Test Mode)

·     Gateway URL: (replace)

·     Debug: No

·     Email Customer: (Up to you -- see Magento Instructions)

·     Merchant's Email: (Enter your 'from' email)

·     Credit Card Types: (Please choose)

·     Credit Card Verification: (this is a CVV code -- choose yes or no)

·     Payment from applicable countries: (choose)

·     Payment from Specific countries: (choose)

·     Min/Max: (choose)

·     Sort order: (choose)

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On 11/20/13 9:27 AM, "Nathan " <> wrote:

We are switching to Magento for our shopping cart software. Can you send me a link or email instructions on the setup for the Payline setup in Magento? 

Thanks in advance!