In the event of a security incident (any situation where consumer credit card information is compromised), merchants must take immediate action to:
  • Contain and limit the exposure. Conduct a thorough investigation of the suspected or confirmed loss or theft of account information within 24 hours of the compromise.
  • Contact your immediate Merchant Account Provider (Payline Data, LLC 800-284-7401) and review the situation to identify if further notifications are required. 
  • If determined that the breach is significant, you will be required to contact: 
    • Merchant Bank (Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio)
    • Visa Fraud Control Group at 855-215-6528
    • Local FBI Office
    • U.S. Secret Service (if Visa payment data is compromised)
  • Provide the compromised Visa accounts to Visa Fraud Control Group within 24 hours.
  • Within four business days of the reported compromise, provide Visa with a detailed written incident report.

This is a very serious situation with many ramifications if you do not follow the proper protocols.   Payline Data, LLC is your expert and partner.  We will help walk you through how to avoid a situation in the first place and will be a valuable partner in the case there is a data breach.