Yes, Payline Data's fully integrated payment gateway is an all-in-one payment solution that allows for multiple tools that provide advanced fraud protection solutions for our merchants.  

Full Details: 

Fraud costs online merchants billions of dollars each year, while the rate of fraud continues to rise. It is difficult to determine the true damage caused by fraud, as suspicious merchants reject a far higher percentage of orders resulting in lost sales due to accidental rejection of legitimate transactions.  Smaller merchants are hit even harder. A higher percentage of their revenue is spent fighting fraud. From the consumer's perspective, fear of password detecting viruses, Trojan horses and a variety of phishing attacks have made them leery of shopping at less-known sites. In order to offset losses, merchants must gain consumer confidence by diligently utilizing fraud detection technology. 

  • iSpyFraud™

In 2001, our partner company, Network Merchants Inc (NMI), developed iSpyFraud™, the first online fraud detection tool. It was an immediate success and soon became an industry standard. Today, iSpyFraud has been radically advanced by constantly updating its features. In addition to preset thresholds, iSpyFraud allows merchants to establish their own custom parameters in preventing fraud.

iSpyFraud™ is a rule-set based fraud management utility that allows merchants to configure extensive filters to help them in detecting and protecting against fraud and screening suspicious transactions. The service also includes an extensive reporting system which gives our merchants a quick and easy way to review transactions, block suspicious activity, and zero in on malicious users.  iSpyFraud™ looks at transactions both before and after processing and can decline transactions before and after authorization. The successful implementation and reduction in chargebacks across numerous merchants has been a testament to the effectiveness of this product.  iSpyFraud™ allows the user to choose the limit for amount charged in a single transaction, in a day, month, or even a week. iSpyFraud™ will even allow the user to limit the number of transactions performed in a day or week. These transactions or amounts can be linked to a credit card number or IP address.

  • Merchant Defender™

Merchant Defender eliminates clear text credit card information from a merchant's environment, regardless of their processing method. Merchant Defender will remove your network completely from handling any sensitive payment data. No matter what type of transaction processing used, clear text credit card data will never be transmitted nor stored on your network and devices. By ensuring that every interaction is completely secure, you can rest at ease knowing that if an intruder is sitting on your network, they have no access to any sensitive credit card data.  

The Merchant Defender suite includes everything you need to take yourself out of the loop of having to protect cardholder data and virtually eliminates the burden of PCI compliance.  Once activated, Keyed-In transactions (MOTO), Swiped transactions (Card Present), and E-Commerce transactions (Card-Not-Present) function only using encrypted card data. If a merchant attempts to process an actual unencrypted credit card, Merchant Defender will defend the transaction attempt by disallowing any data transmission or processing.

  • Three Step Redirect API™ 

Payment Gateway Security Solutions

The Three Step Redirect API™ methodology ensures secure data transmission by keeping merchants from seeing, touching, handling, transmitting, and even storing any sensitive payment information.

By taking merchants outside the scope of handling sensitive payment information, the Three Step Redirect API™ minimizes the cost and complexity of industry regulations and standards; especially the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

The customer never knows they left the merchants website. The seamless look and feel is always kept throughout the process.