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Hello ,


Thank you for being a valued Payline client!  It is every merchant's responsibility to register their PCI Compliance within the first 90 days of processing.  This email is to remind and help guide you through the process.  


If you do not register within 90 days Visa/MC/Discover will issue a $19.95 monthly penalty on your account.  Register right away to protect your business and avoid any fees.


If you are already PCI compliant and have registered with an outside vendor, please email us a copy of your compliance certificate. 


To learn more about PCI compliance, how it benefits you and why it is required click here.  <Learn More






Register by clicking above








Need Help Registering?    Instructions Below.




After clicking register you will see this site above.  Please enter your Merchant Identification (MID).                *This can be found on your welcome email


If you are a sole proprietor enter your Social Security Number.  

If you are Incorporated or a Partnership please enter your Tax ID.


Enter the billing zip listed on your application.


On the next page you will be asked for your FedID or Social again.   Also you will need to create a password for your PCI portal.  

Once completed you will be directed to click on the NPC logo to continue.




Self Assessment Questionnaire



 After logging in you will be directed to the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)


Please read the descriptions and choose the best solution for you.  If you need help we have an amazing PCI Team available at 877-479-6649 to walk you through this.


TIP:  Most of our merchants will be SAQ A (Payline Data Gateway / Mobile) or SAQ B (Retail Terminal)


You can Click the SAQ buttons to download the paper form, however we recommend completing on-line.  Click the yellow "Click here to complete" button to Begin.





PCI Registration




The guide above should open on your screen, and as you select "CONTINUE" you will start your PCI Certification.   Please utilize the support number 877-479-6649 or click the "ON-LINE HELP" button on your top right corner if you need further assistance.







PCI Certificate






After completion of this in full you will see your PCI Certificate.  At this point you are certified and no further work is required.  If you do not see this certificate then steps will still be required to be compliant.





Payline Data's PCI Compliance program, not only ensures that your business is secure, but also includes a $50,000 Breach Assurance Guarantee to protect you in the event of any data breach.


PCI Compliance is an ever growing problem and it is important to any business accepting cards to follow the standards in order to stay protected.



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