The Payline Data Gateway is now certified for Account Updater Service for any merchants boarded through:

- Paymentech Salem
- First Data Nashville North
- First Data Nashville (NOT if it settles to the Omaha backend -- works ONLY if it settles to the North backend)
- First Data Canada
- First Data Caribbean. 

***Please Note -- The Account Updater service is not supported by all Acquiring banks and processors, however, we do have some First Data merchants using it. Our understanding is that the MID must settle to the North or South backend in order for Account Updater to work, and the Acquirer must specifically support it.

This service requires the merchant to have an Active Customer Vault service on the account. Does NOT work with Recurring Billing.

Account Updater will update Customer Vault records for any record that has been processed through one of the following processors:
Options are 'All Processors' or 'Select Processors'

When Choosing Select Processors the entire list of configured active processors
will be listed for selection. Once Selected - Save.

Once Account Updater is activated Configure the Account Updater parameters on the Merchant Control Panel with Admin Permissions under Settings -> Account Updater.