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Payline Data Supports Apple Pay




On September 9th, 2014 Apple announced their entry into the mobile payments space with a new payment method called Apple Pay.  Payline Data is happy to announce that we will support this new payment method and will be targeting an implementation date to align closely with the release of Apple Pay as part of the iOS 8 update.


Following Apple's announcement, many of our Partners expressed that they don't want to be late to the game and have inquired about what to expect from an adoption standpoint. While it's hard to predict exactly how this will play out, we want to assure our Partners that Payline Data has placed a high priority on supporting Apple Pay and expects to be well ahead of the demand curve.


Additionally, we want to provide our Partners with information that provides context to the rollout. Click on the button below to view the Payline Data and Apple Pay FAQs to learn more about Apple Pay and our plans to support this new payment method.


Payline Data and Apple Pay FAQs


If you have any questions please contact Steve Blentlinger or Justin Louie.

Steve Blentlinger
Vice President - Non Profit and Strategic Partnerships
800.284.7401 #706

Justin Louie
Creative Director
800.284.7401 #708