SwIPe is a Microsoft Windows based PC application designed for face-to-face retail merchants. 

After downloading and installing the SwIPe application on your computer, merchants can accept card-present transactions securely using an encrypted card reader. 

Below are the steps to install and configure the Payment Gateway Software. Don't hesitate to call us if you run into any problems or have any questions.

This program has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, 8, 8.1 operating systems.

Make sure the USB Swipe is connected to a USB port.

Software installation instructions:

- Login to the Merchant Control Panel.

- Click 'Swipe Software' under Software Apps.

- Click 'Download SwIPe Software Application'.

- Click 'Open' in response to the File Download Open or Save question.

- Double click the downloaded program "Payment Gateway Swipe Installer.exe".

- Choose where you would like the software installed (Default destination recommended), and click "Next".

- Once Completed, click "Close".

- An icon will be created on your desktop called "Payment Gateway Swipe" and the program will also be added to your Windows start-up.

- Double click the Payment Gateway Swipe desktop Icon.

- The first time you run the program it will ask you to enter your gateway username and verify/enter various other options.

Username: This is the gateway username.

Computer Nickname: Anything you choose.

# of receipts Printable receipts.

Type: Authorization Only, Sale Sale or Add Customer.

Printer Select available printer from the drop down list.

 Accept e-signature from customer (supported only when using the supported signature capture swipe/key device).

 Prompt for Merchant Defined Fields after swipe.

 Prompt for additional Card Information after swipe.

    -Order ID

    -Order Description

    -Customer Email - Send Yes/No option

    -Add Customer - the SWIPE allows you to store your customer's payment information in our system for processing

     future transactions. This requires an additional gateway service called Customer Vault.

 Prompt for Password after swipe.

The software will look almost identical to a real 'hardware terminal'. You can use the PC keyboard number pad, or click the numbers with your mouse.

Simply swipe a credit card and the program will ask you for a dollar value.

The rest should be intuitive.

You can click the "X" in the top right corner of the software program to 'hide' it. It will sit in your Windows task bar waiting for a card to be swiped. When a card is swiped, it will automatically bring up the software.