Due to PCI Compliance issues, X-Cart does not support AIM out of the box, nor does it allow the module they do offer to be manipulated.

X-Cart has a relationship with X-Payments to allow Merchants to take payment on their website: http://www.x-cart.com/extensions/modules/xpayments.html


Therefore, X-Cart with Payline Data Gateway only supports the SIM method, since X-Payments has not built a Payline Data module for use with X-Cart.

To Setup SIM with X-Cart:

Replace the Post URL within the SIM php file for X-Cart:

File location via FTP: .../payment/cc_authorizenet_sim.php

-- Note: The sim.php file is currently using the AIM URL (https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll) so the programmer will need to replace the ENTIRE URL to be our SIM Emulation URL noted below:

POST URL: https://secure.networkmerchants.com/cart/ausi.php


They should setup the Payment Gateway inside X-Cart using:

Gateway Username (API ID)

Gateway Password (Transaction KEY)

MD5 Hash (if applicable: gateway

Make sure the module is set to perform a 'Sale' or an 'Authorize & Capture' as opposed to an 'Auth Only'.

Inside the Gateway -- navigate to 'QuickClick -- Security' and uncheck the top box. To customize the payment page, please navigate to 'QuickClick -- Look and Feel' and create a 'Profile'.

If you have any questions, please contact support at support@paylinedata.com or call us any time at 800-284-7401.